We make sushi for all occasions, weddings, birthdays, conferences, days home on the couch with the cat.  These are the people that make it happen!



Friendly, Funny, He runs the place! Always good at remembering your order (most of the time) He’s always up for a chat while making you sushi!



The Chef of the house, he can whip up anything! Best Sushi Chef north of the border, skilled with the knife his sushi comes out quickly and tasty!


Web Designer

Having Issues with the site? Blame her! (Though she will happily help you with anything!)

No Imitation!

None of our food is imitation. We only accept the best quality!

Hand Made!

Nothing is pre-made or pre-packaged. Our food is fresh and we hand roll everything ourselves when you order!

We do Custom!

Want something not on our menu? Ask! We are more then happy to put together your masterpiece of deliciousness, and any food item we don’t carry we should have that week!

Pick Up or Delivery!

In the area? Want to pick up? We’d love to see you!
Not in the area? Need that sushi craving filled ASAP? Don’t want to put on pants? We will deliver!

Order Pickup